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∑    Do you have difficulty dealing with daily stress?

tai chi bournemouth∑    Do you lack the energy to last through the day?

tai chi bournemouth∑    Do you suffer from poor health and depression?

tai chi bournemouth∑    Do you find yourself snapping at people?

tai chi bournemouthIf so Tai Chi and Chi Kung may be the answer for you, most peopletai chi bournemouth

tai chi bournemouthhave experienced some benefits right away. tai chi bournemouth

tai chi bournemouthTai Chi Chuantai chi bournemouth

tai chi bournemouthIn the last 5 years there have been over 130 scientific papers published in the long term health effects of studying Tai Chi. tai chi bournemouth


tai chi bournemouthEvery single study showed significant improvements in health and quality of living in the participants. The reported changes in individuals who study Tai Chi include:Wutan Tai Chi

       tai chi bournemouthEnhanced dilation in skin vasculature (younger skin)

       tai chi bournemouthImproves facets of physical self-worth and self-esteem

       tai chi bournemouthIncreases psychological stabilisation (prevents mood tai chi bournemouthtai chi bournemouthswings)

      tai chi bournemouthIncreased immunity to disease

      tai chi bournemouthSelf-efficacy (motivation) is enhanced

       tai chi bournemouthtai chi bournemouthDecreased blood pressure

       tai chi bournemouthReduced arthritic symptoms

       tai chi bournemouthImproves post-operative recovery in cardiac patients


tai chi bournemouthPrestigious companies have employed martial arts training especially Tai Chi Chuan to boost the self esteem and enthusiasm of their employees


tai chi bournemouthWhen practised correctly, Tai Chi Chuan will not only increase our immunity to disease, it also makes us feel good about ourselves.


tai chi bournemouthMany Financial Institutions have also found the exercises not only help to reduce absenteeism but also improve work performance.


SoonTuan They

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All Wutan instructors are fully qualified and expected to train with WutanUK continually and teaching the official syllabus, to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Listed the class run by WutanUK official instructor.

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